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If you’re new to bitcoin, read our guides on how to get started, otherwise start digging into our available casinos and begin betting with the world’s greatest virtual currency.

Why Gamble with Bitcoin?

There’s a common misconception with bitcoin – many folks will tell you that it’s illegal in some countries or states. This is not the case. Bitcoin is an open virtual currency that can be exchanged across borders with no transaction fees and rapid fulfilment. And this is one of the key benefits of playing in online casinos with bitcoin. Other reasons to gamble with bitcoin would be its anonymity; there is no central bank and transactions can be made peer-to-peer with no involvement from a regulator. Bitcoin can be bought and sold on the market at any time but you can find more detail on this in our guide.

Ultimately the three distinctions of bitcoin are that it’s cheap to transfer, decentralised and fast. This makes it the ideal medium for casino gambling and you can expect any house ‘rake’ to be up to 90% less than traditional casino sites.

Bitcoin Casino Betting Explained

Playing with Bitcoin ‘Chips’

It’s not hard to get to grips with most casino games, however with bitcoin there are some considerations that you may not have thought of. The price of bitcoin makes it difficult to gamble with in ‘whole’ bitcoins i.e. 1BTC would be a fairly large bet to make on any one spin or hand.

Casinos that deal with this virtual currency will often allow your bitcoin to be broken down into thousanths. For example, 1BTC could be broken down into 0.001BTC which makes for a much more reasonable bet. And usually a casino will count 0.001BTC as 1 chip to make things easier. So if you bet 1,000 chips, you’re making a bet of 1 bitcoin.

Depositing & Withdrawing BTC

There is more detail in our bitcoin guide, however depositing and withdrawing is similar to other websites but there are no banks involved. When dealing with bitcoin casinos, we recommend dealing with ones that deal exclusively with bitcoin – this means that you minimise complications and potential regulation issues. In this instance, you will simply deposit and withdraw using your own bitcoin wallet and then buying and selling bitcoin through a separate exchange.

If you’ve read this far and are still a little miffed about how you can gamble in casinos with bitcoin then you’ll want to read our full guide to the currency.

Available Casino Games

When bitcoin was first introduced the choice for the consumer was very limited. However it’s now a few years on and the selection of games ranges from simple blackjack to some incredibly unique and new forms of gambling. Here are a handful of our favourite games that you are able to gamble on with bitcoin:

When browsing our available bitcoin casinos, you can filter your view by type of game, minimum bet and much more.

How To Get Started

Getting hold of bitcoin and depositing it in your chosen casino is not as complex as it first seems. The steps really are simple, once you’ve jumped through the three hoops below you will be able to bet and play instantly!

Good luck on the tables – for any other questions please see our FAQs or get in touch through our support page.