Bitcoin is a decentralised virtual currency. The amount of bitcoin in circulation stands at around $150M and has been adopted by citizens in countries across the globe. Below are the most common questions regarding bitcoin’s use in poker; but if you would like to learn more about the bitcoin ‘crypto-currency’ please view our explanation.

Can I play bitcoin poker from the US?

American players are accepted! Deposit and withdraw bitcoin anonymously and without interference.

How do I get hold of bitcoin?

  1. Download and install a bitcoin wallet from …
  2. Purchase bitcoin with traditional currency from any of the following exchanges: …

Once you have bitcoin funds available in your wallet, you can then deposit to play poker.

Do I need to download anything?

The bitcoin poker client is browser based and is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari & IE. Once registered, your account and cashier can be managed through the website.

How long does it take to deposit and withdraw?

Deposits and withdrawals into and from your cashier are instant.

Is bitcoin poker different from normal poker?

Bitcoin can be broken down into 0.0001, so to make things easier when playing poker with bitcoin we remove the decimal places. A cashier with 1000 chips is equal to 1BTC.

There are no differences in how the game is played.

Is bitcoin poker popular?

Bitcoin poker is already very popular with over 1,000 daily active users on this poker site alone. The market is growing rapidly in the US due to the game’s its accessibility.

Can I play bitcoin poker from a mobile?

Once signed up, Android users can download the app to play on the move!

Play Poker With Bitcoin