Bitcoin is still a new currency; in fact it is so new that it has not yet been recognised as a legal currency. At the writing of this article (05.16.13) – trading, gambling and paying with bitcoin is equivalent to doing the same with matchsticks. But still there remains questions over the legality of bitcoin, especially when playing poker.

Legality: Playing Poker with Bitcoin


In Europe, depositing and withdrawing bitcoin in poker clients is entirely legitimate. In fact, most European countries do not prevent users playing online poker with ‘traditional’ currency.

United States

Laws against American players depositing funds in online poker with $USD has been notoriously unclear. Laws vary from state to state and the official rules at a Federal level are garbled to say the least.

However with bitcoin, playing poker is a whole new kettle of fish. Bitcoin is not considered a legitimate currency, it is decentralized (no central bank), anonymous and entirely unregulated. The legal issues that currently face banks with $USD do not exist with bitcoin and laws against playing online poker with this virtual currency no longer apply.

In summary, it is totally fine to play poker online with bitcoin. We are aware of players depositing and withdrawing at Betcoin with absolutely no complications at all.


We maintain this website as best we can. However as time goes on laws may change, and articles on may become out of date. Please use your common sense and get a third opinion on legal issues. Treating this website as legal fact is silly -_-