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Best Bitcoin Poker Sites in 2017

We are entering into an exciting new year for Bitcoin. The start of 2017 saw Bitcoin reach its all time high of over $1,100, attracting widespread news coverage from across the world. It is also likely that 2017 will be the year that both Segwit and the Lightning Network are introduced, providing enormous benefits to […]

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Bitcoin Bonuses Are Here!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new section of our website – a comprehensive guide to the available bitcoin poker bonuses on offer. We have aggregated promotions from no deposit and giveaway bonuses all the way through to rakeback, freerolls and of course, some hefty welcome bonuses! There are some fantastic promotions on […]

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As the year began drawing to a close, a number of blogs started reporting on the ‘dismal’ year of bitcoin poker. The data we have from our players has shown something quite the opposite, and while many poker rooms such as BitnPlay and BurnTurn have gone offline, the reality is that 2015 was the year […]

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$850K Crowdfunded Voxelus Crypto Could Leave Investors Out Of Pocket

Voxelus is a platform that allows users to create VR content for a VR marketplace. Not only that, but they allow users to experience and play the VR content within the platform, allowing for a full ecosystem of VR creation, distribution and usage. For a full review of the platform, VR Headset comparison site, […]

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Coloured Coins

Sceptical Friend is in the pub telling me about a Bitcoin enthusiast he had encountered earlier in the week. “He kept on praising the advent of coloured coins. I had no idea what he was talking about, but nodded enthusiastically, which seemed to keep him happy. What is a coloured coin anyway?” I think for […]

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Green Bitcoin

With the excitement of May 7th, and Her Majesty due to announce the opening of a new term of a conservative government later this month, the election and all its trappings have been the talk of the country for the past few weeks. It is curious to see how Bitcoin fits into the political landscape. […]

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The 5 Best Cities to Live on Bitcoin?

Investigative journalist Morgan Spurlock recently starred in a TV documentary whereby he lived for a week only spending Bitcoin, all the while exploring some of the pros, cons and quirks of using the currency in day-to-day life. He set his show in New York. Is New York the most Bitcoin-friendly city? We list our verdict […]

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Bitcoin Tax Issues in the UK

Given the nascent nature of Bitcoin and the evolution of Bitcoin adoption, governments are at differing stages of understanding, particularly when it comes to incorporating Bitcoin into the tax frameworks which already exist. This article aims to clarify the current status of the UK government with regards to taxation of Bitcoin. In March 2014, HM […]

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Market Commentary – April 20th 2015

So in the past month alone, the value of one bitcoin has fallen from 196 UK pounds sterling to 149 UK pounds sterling – a drop of 24%. These sorts of moves defy traditional financial analysis. Typically, a currency trader would be called upon to comment if a currency increases or decreases in value by […]

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You Can’t Buy a Coffee with Gold; or 5 Ways Bitcoin is Different to Gold

You can’t buy a coffee with gold Anywhere. I know because I’ve tried. Before the advent of Bitcoin, I was interested in purchasing bullion gold in small quantities, and happened to have a twentieth-ounce (0.05 oz – about a small fingernail’s worth when flattened out with a hammer) nugget of 24-carat gold left over from […]

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