Voxelus is a platform that allows users to create VR content for a VR marketplace. Not only that, but they allow users to experience and play the VR content within the platform, allowing for a full ecosystem of VR creation, distribution and usage. For a full review of the platform, VR Headset comparison site vr-headsets.co.uk, wrote this review on the new VR platform.

What makes this crowdfunding campaign unique is the currency that comes with it. The Voxelus platform will deal in Voxels – its very own blockchain-backed cryptocurrency that can only be used inside this closed network. The funds were raised, in part, by selling this brand new cryptocurrency and the volume of Voxels that have now been purchased no doubt be having a very real impact on the market price.

As any bitcoin enthusiast will tell you, getting in early can lead to some pretty massive returns. The excitement of a high-profile launch of a new crypto such as this one could mean that investors are able to earn a quick buck, however it’s not clear whether there will be a freeze on selling Voxels once the pre-sale ends. Should the exchange remain open it could quite quickly lead to a mass run on the currency as early investors make the most of the initial price inflation and leave the market.