Investigative journalist Morgan Spurlock recently starred in a TV documentary whereby he lived for a week only spending Bitcoin, all the while exploring some of the pros, cons and quirks of using the currency in day-to-day life. He set his show in New York. Is New York the most Bitcoin-friendly city? We list our verdict below.

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair and be sure to take your Bitcoin wallet. Presumably due to the proximity of Silicon Valley, as well as a welcoming attitude to revolutionary ideas, San Francisco tops the charts of placesto live and breathe Bitcoin.

City of diamonds, liberal drug laws, bicycles and canals, Amsterdam is rapidly becoming the European hub for those seeking to transact in Bitcoin. The red light district windows are apparently frequently adorned with ‘Bitcoin accepted here’ stickers.

Ok, I wasn’t sure of where this city was either, only vaguely recalling there was a famous battle once fought there. Turns out it isn’t far from Amsterdam, also in the Netherlands. It is a small city, with only 150,000 residents, and with 62 Bitcoin-accepting retailers listed on, it has the highest concentration of Bitcoin friendly outlets to population of any of the cities on this list.

Morgan Spurlock did it, and apparently a fair few others are doing it too. The definitively cosmopolitan city has a high enough concentration of  people to enable most services to be available, in one form or another, in exchange for Bitcoin.

Canadians were early adopters of Bitcoin, with their parliament implementing the world’s first national digital currencVancouver - JamesZ_Flickry law in the summer of 2014. Vancouver, a technology hub with a decidedly un-Canadian climate has emerged as Canada’s foremost Bitcoin-friendly city, and hence earns its place in our top 5.